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Attract new clients and grow your business with our investment property mortgage solutions.

GCFC Financial is a nationwide, commercial mortgage broker

Through our programs, real estate investors gain access to a $267 billion business opportunity in a widely untapped market with fewer competitors and clients with repeat business potential.

FlexTerm Loan

Customize loans to meet the individual needs of each investor.


The best short-term solution for acquiring and improving property value.

Flex I/O

A short-term interest-only
loan program.

Fast50 Loan

A low LTV loan with easy credit requirements.

Foreign Investor Loan

The perfect option for foreign real estate investors.

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Flexible investment mortgage solutions for extraordinary people.

Our asset-based mortgage programs are specifically designed for independent real estate investors and small business owners who often don’t qualify for traditional bank loans, including W-2 employees, self-employed entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Whether your client is a seasoned buyer seeking another investment property or a self-employed entrepreneur in need of their first small business real estate loan, we recognize the potential in every borrower.

Tools to Ensure Your Success

As an approved GCFC broker, you’ll have access to our Broker Marketing Toolkit, where you can download pre-designed marketing materials, including flyers, email campaigns, and social media posts to help you attract new clients.

Through our WIN (What Investors Need) market research, you’ll gain insights into how investors find, evaluate, and select investment properties, mortgage brokers and financing solutions, because understanding the needs of investors is critical to servicing them.

With innovative new features designed to save time and increase security, our newly enhanced Broker Portal helps you develop loan scenarios faster and easily track loans in progress from submission to close at any time. Brokers can also upload loan documents in a secure environment and allow their clients to sign documents electronically. And, you’ll always have access to a GCFC Account Executive with focused expertise in providing financing for independent real estate investors and small business owners.

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Think Small

If your brokerage is competing but not growing, or you simply want to increase your growth potential, perhaps it's time to think small. Offering residential investment and small commercial loans is easier than most brokers think and doesn't involve the complexities of larger commercial properties.

To learn more, call us at (888) 822-3304 , or complete the contact request form below and one of our investment and small commercial property specialists will reach out to you.

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We Make It Easy to Find the Loan That’s Right for You

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It’s never been easier to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Let the experts at GCFC Financial, LLC help you open the door to your new home with our free and easy pre-approval process.

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Customize loans to meet the individual needs of each investor.Designed for real estate investors seeking lower payments on a long-term, fixed-rate loan with no balloon payment.

A short-term interest-only loan program.Designed for investors seeking short-term financing with no prepay penalties.

A low LTV loan with easy credit requirements.Our Fast50 Loan is designed for investors with derogatory credit issues and high equity seeking quick and easy credit qualification.

We Make It Easy to Find the Loan That’s Right for You

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